Designed and assembled in Switzerland.

The core of the sustainability

We know how important it is to develop sustainable products. We've done this from the very beginning of production. We take special care of the environment and the supply chain.

You can replace any part.

We have developed an evolutionary system; you can replace any element at any time or reuse older elements and merge them with new ones; they are always compatible.

As close as possible.

We have developed the closest possible supply chain; our components are essentially manufactured within a 350km radius of our headquarters in Switzerland. We continue to optimize our supply chain to make it even more environmentally friendly over time.

100% Aluminum structure

Blacktable is designed to minimize its impact on the environment. Each structural component is made of easily recyclable aluminum. There is no limit to how many times aluminum can be recycled. That's why choosing aluminum is such a boon for the environment. Aluminum is considered a sustainable metal, which means it can be recycled again and again with no loss of material.

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