Designed and assembled in Switzerland.

Transparency and Sustainibility

This is our three-step philosophy for delivering the best performance experience.


Blacktable mechanics is straightforward. One Profile, one cube, one connector.  At the same time all components are designed and refined with an exceptional precision. We worked very hard to consider the tiniest details with the most advanced modeling software, to optimize the weight and statics of each component.


Along with the experience of actually using it, what makes Blacktable so unique, is how it feels on building it. We designed and engineered all Blacktable components. That junction was incredibly important to reach its extraordinary level of fitting and precision. And to give it an amazing performance capacity, we used the best possible quality of the selected materials.


We didn't skimp on quality. On the contrary, we are obsessed with mechanics and the right combination of materials to build structures and models in order to achieve a high-performance construction speed and robustness.


We believe that a long product lifecycle represents the best approach to reduce environmental impact. The more quickly a product needs to be replaced, the worse it is for the environment. We build products that endure: weather-resistant materials, fine craftsmanship, neutral design.

We use Aluminum at the heart of our products since it is highly recyclable, and our manufacturing processes are carefully built around the goals of energy efficiency and almost total recyclability at every stage.

Social responsibility

We committed ourselves in the selection of the best available materials and producers, trying to minimize the environmental impact and establish effective supply chains, almost eliminating excess production and reducing the use of resources for the benefit of all.  


We encourage every owner of Blacktable products to interact with other users to facilitate the loan or rental of their Blacktable equipment, for the benefit of the entire Blacktable community. Sharing is caring.

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